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The Ultimate DtC Marketplace is Coming

VinTrail will soon be releasing its international wine marketplace. Consumers from 45 countries will be able to purchase their premium wines directly from the winery and have them shipped to their door.

Our All-Inclusive dynamic pricing set the exact price per bottle shipped to your door. No surprises at customs; we guarantee every purchase gets delivered rapidly and in perfect condition.

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International Shipping Services

Winery Pickup
  • Once you place an order, the winery prepares your wine for pickup by Pelican Air Services, who swiftly come and take it into their care.
Pack & Ship
  • They pack your wine in reinforced boxes to protect them for the journey ahead. The paperwork is done, and your wines are flown direct.
Customs Clearance
  • When your wines reach your country, they are legally processed. All taxes, customs and duties are paid, so they get rapidly cleared through customs.
Guaranteed Delivery
  • Rapidly cleared means your wine gets delivered quickly to your door, then there's just one thing left to do; enjoy your wine.

Buying direct from a winery in another country is now as easy as buying from interstate and, more often than not, just as fast.

Premium Wines Direct

The VinTrail Wine Marketplace will allow you to buy premium wines directly from the winery's cool cellars. Just set your shipping country to find the winery prices plus the accurate cost of shipping the wines straight to your door.

Guaranteed Delivery

Fast and efficient air delivery service means they are not held up at customs or left to the elements. Our dynamic pricings include heavy-duty packaging, shipping, taxes, customs and customs clearance, tracking number and insurance.

Cheaper buying direct

Without wineries needing to discount, you will find wines up to 60% cheaper than equivalent wines brought in by an importer, who sells to a wholesaler who sells to a reseller. By purchasing direct, winery earns much more than the three-tier system.

Join a Wine Club

Join a winery Wine Club to take advantage of all their member advantages and member pricing. Wine Clubs were only available to residents of the same country, but this has now changed. Soon you'll be able to choose from a range of flexible plans.

Book a virtual tasting

Purchase a virtual tasting with a Château owner or winemaker when you're buying your wine. Once it arrives, you can book your virtual tasting date and time. Get insider information and ask questions. Why not invite some friends to share the experience?

B2B Wine Sales

Restaurants, hotels and online and off-line cellars will be able to register as a sales agent to purchase all the wines directly at wholesale prices. Registered buyers will be able to request samples and will get invited to trade tastings and other events. Join Us Today.

Champagne Château De Boursault
Grower Producer

Champagne Château de Boursault is one of the only two champagnes “bottled at the château”.

Château La Favière
Premium Bordeaux

A family owned winery on the edge of Saint-Emilion producing high-quality value for money wines.

Château De Chantegrive
Grand Cru Graves

Château de Chantegrive is a member of the prestigious Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.

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