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Sell your wines globally

VinTrail Pro opens new opportunities to reach a wider audience and grow your business. With our integrated logistic services to 44 countries, you can easily manage all your deliveries, giving you peace of mind while focusing on growing your business.

Our user-friendly interface makes setting up your online store and managing your wine sales easy. You can even offer customised pricing, promotions and memberships to help drive sales and build customer loyalty. You can track your performance and make informed decisions to grow your business with real-time reporting and analytics.

VinTrail Pro global e-commerce solution include:

  • Integration with your website for easy wine sales.
  • Access to the VinTrail marketplace to reach a wider audience.
  • Logistic services to manage all your deliveries.
  • A point-of-sale system for selling to visitors at the vineyard.
  • International shipping to 44 countries.
  • Customisable options to fit your specific needs and requirements.
  • Easy management of wine portfolio and customer data.
  • Real-time updates on sales and delivery status.
  • Streamlined processes to save time and increase efficiency.
  • Support from a dedicated team to ensure success.
Online winery booking systems

Global e-commerce

With VinTrail Pro, you have complete control over your wine portfolio, managing everything from stock levels to pricing and promotions.

Wines are easily uploaded & maintained.

Set the countries where wines are sold.

Set your prices. Our algorithms will adjust them for each country to include freight, taxes, customs, & insurance.

Capture customer data and track your sales analytics.

Direct Wine Sale Solutions

Website e-boutique

VinTrail Pro's e-boutique allows you to sell your wines directly from your website to reach a global audience and grow your online wine sales with ease.

Showcase your products, manage your wine list, process orders and shipments, and manage payments all in one place.

Add an e-commerce integration to your website.

Sell your wines 24/7 in 44 countries.

Online winery booking systems

International marketplace

VinTrail's international marketplace connects you to a worldwide audience of wine lovers and collectors, providing an unparalleled opportunity to reach new customers and grow your brand.

Sell direct via VinTrail marketplace

Global resellers can offer your wines to their network of customers.

A CRM to reduce abandoned carts.

Agent Booking Solutions


The Point of Sale (POS) system integrated into VinTrail Pro allows you to sell your wines directly to visitors at the vineyard, including international visitors.

Sell to visitors from 44 countries.

Sell directly from your cellar.

Take payments via integrated payment gateway or cash.

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Ship throughout the world

Our all-inclusive solution includes integrated logistics services that take care of all the time-consuming requirements for selling and shipping your wine to 44 countries. This includes handling all the customs and duties, as well as delivering your wine to your customers' doorsteps. With our solutions, you can expand your reach and start selling your wines globally with ease, increasing your revenue and growing your business.

(Currently available in France and coming to Italy and Spain).

Online winery booking systems

End-to-end logistic solutions

The only winery e-commerce omnichannel to deliver a global solution. They include:

All inclusive - transportation, taxes, customs, levies and insurance.

International BtoB & BtoC sales via your website & VinTrail marketplace.

Freight forwarding door to door service - winery pick up & shipped direct to buyer.

Preferencial shipping prices for Colissimo, UPS and Pelican Air Services.

Compliance & paperwork for every country.

BtoB wine sales solutions

Over 70% of B2B buyers find buying from a website more convenient than from a sales representative.

Direct Wine Sale Solutions

Sell direct to businesses

Sell your wines direct to professionals around the world.

Benefit from a business sales channel.

Preset B2B wholesale prices

Create your wholesaler code to activate discounted prices.

Set up discount codes to create special offers


Frequently asked questions

  • Is it free to join?

    Yes, it's free to join and sell your wines directly in 44 countries. You will only have to pay a small commission on purchases made. You can reduce the commission by selecting one of our paid plans.

  • Are the global solutions available to all countries?

    We currently have logistical partners in France and Italy, but we are in talks to add new countries soon. Nearby countries can ship to Bordeaux to benefit from our exclusive services.

  • How fast are your shipping services?

    Our logistical partners takes care of all customs duties and taxes before the wine enters any country, which means they are never held up or lost. This guarantees rapid processing and release of the wines to be sent to their purchaser. Typical shipping from France to a customer's door in New York takes three days.

  • Can we close our wine sales in certain countries?

    Yes, if you are already present in certain countries or if you do not wish to have your wines represented, all you have to do is check the country box in your set up page.

  • Do we need to set the shipping costs?

    No, our algorithms automatically set all your shipping, customs, and insurance charges, so you don't have to worry about it. All you have to do is set your price before tax.

  • Can we add an international online store to our website?

    Yes, and we strongly recommend that you do so. Your website is still one of the top listings for Google search, so it's very likely to be one of the first websites a customer will open.

  • How are we paid?

    You are paid directly for the entire transaction. You will then be invoiced by the logistical partner for their services and VinTrail Pro for the commission on the sales. Commissions are only on the pretax price of the wine unless your winery is part of the EU where the VAT will be included.

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