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Champagne house tours & experiences

Champagne is the most iconic sparkling wine in the world and possibly the most famous wine region. This winemaking region is situated a leisurely two-hour drive or train ride northeast of Paris. This makes it an accessible day trip or the cities of Reims and Epernay are often used as visitors' home bases. 

It is generally a blend of grapes including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Pinot Meunier. However, they can be individually to produce styles such as Blanc de Blanc and Blanc de Noir (translating to White from White and White from Black).

All Champagne wines must spend at least 15 months in the bottle before release, of which 12 months maturation on lees is required for non-vintage cuvées. The minimum for vintage cuvées is three years, while late-disgorged Champagne can be aged upwards of ten years.

All in all, the Champagne vineyards cover more than 33,000 hectares, scattered throughout five departments. Mainly Marne, Aube, Aisne, as well as some municipalities of Seine-et-Marne and Haute-Marne. It has more than 270,000 plots, classified into four major wine regions:
·      Montagne de Reims,
·      Marne Valley,
·      Côte des Blancs,
·      and Côte des Bar (or vineyard of Aube).

Use our itinerary planner to help plan, create, and book the ultimate wine tourism experience. You can choose to self-drive or pick a guided boutique wine tour with a local insider who's knowledge will enhance your regional experience.