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Global wine tourism with a regional focus

VinTrail Solutions is a digital wine tourism hub designed to help amplify wine regions, states and countries in a unified approach. Our free digital solutions turn any website into a proactive regional booking system that'll simplify the process in which visitors search for wineries, find availability and make reservations. It also offers the option to earn commissions and generate new revenue streams.


Core benefits

  • Better target national and international tourists and help guide them through your region
  • Facilitate visitor planning & bookings to incite a longer stay and a more meaningful experience
  • Increase regional winery digital capabilities to help them better attract and connect with visitors
  • Collect analytical data to enhance local experiences and for retargeting opportunities

Unified Solution

Extend the reach of your regions or wine route using our exclusive omnichannel, while potentially generating a new revenue stream. These earnings can be funnelled back into infrastructure and targeting visitors through traditional paid marketing channels, such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram.

Get started in 4 easy steps.

  • Register
  • Confirm and login
  • Invite all your wineries
  • Add your regional or wine route booking system

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Easy To Set Up

Plugin our free regional booking systems into any website. Effortlessly gain a dynamic winery booking solution that helps visitors search, plan and book all their regional visits and tours. There are two ways they can be integrated.

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Directly into a webpage

New Revenue Streams

Offer an online booking channel open 24/7 delivering the availabilities of local wineries across all touchpoints to help increase winery reservations. A small fee can be charged to wineries for every booking in an unbiased approach at generating additional regional revenue.


Intranet reservations

Regional tourist offices can connect in real-time to see the availability of registered wineries and then make reservations for their clients directly without contacting the winery. You can thus digitise the process by which you help and engage tourists in your region. By strengthening your regional services, you can increase visitor spending and help make their stay more memorable.

Data & Analytics

You can track all bookings and sales in real-time and generate reports from your independent CMS. You can also increase your regional visitor data capture to promote future marketing campaigns, news and upcoming events.


Third-party Booking Systems

We can integrate third-party booking systems. We already have agreements with Rezdy and Fareharbour, and can look into any other compatible systems upon request.

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Wine Region & Wine Route Packages



No costs
Free integration
Private dashboard
Complete analytics and data
Direct marketplace bookings
Track all bookings
Revenue generating solution

Set the commission (set or percentage) you want per person per booking or for the total booking.
Regions can choose not to add a commission.


Winery website booking system

(Wineries can upgrade to other VinTrail Solutions packages)

Unlimited experiences & degustation offers
Connected booking solutions
Create add-ons & upgrades
Email booking notifications
Personalised email notifications
Online Diary
Priority Listing
Payment gateway
Winery page
Wine sales

(Booking channels include, VinTrail, Vino y Turismo, Affiliated parters)

Our fees

1€ per person per booking for experiences up 20€
5% per booking for experiences over 20€



No Costs
Limited monthly analytics


15€ per month

(maximum of 3 experiences/degustations, then 5€ per experience)

Unlimited bookings
No booking fees
Email booking notifications
21-Day free trial of complete system



400€ per month
Integration included
up to 40 wineries

(Up to 3 experiences/degustations per winery, additional 5€ per experience.
Additional 10€ per month per winery)


Unlimited bookings
No booking fees
Email booking notifications
21-Day free trial of complete system


Sign up to the Individual or Group package before the 31st of December 2021 to receive an additional month free.

All wineries will also be freely visible with the VinTrail Experiences Marketplace for the first month.

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  • Why do we have fees?

    Fees are needed to pay Google maps for the use of their geolocation and mapping services. They are necessary to maintain the platform and booking system and are used to develop further new services and features that will directly benefit wineries and regions.

  • Can you upgrade to Growth package?

    If you want to start with the individual or Group package, then upgrade to the Growth package, you can. Instantly get all the advantage when you change at no cost. The commission earnings will start from the following month.

  • How do wineries sign up?

    Wineries need to sign up, confirm their email, before setting up their winery details and photos. We'll look after setting up their booking systems. Suppose you have selected the Individual or Group package. In that case, the initial payment will need to be made before the system is activated. If you have chosen the Growth package, we will send wineries their back-office login details. From there, they'll be able to access their diary, booking set up, reports etc.

  • How are bookings made?

    Wineries will have the choice of taking reservations in realtime on the day or have the bookings set 24 or 48 hours in advance, depending on their needs and availability. No payments will be taken at the time of the booking but made at the cellar door on arrival.

  • What analytics & data do you receive with the Individual or Group Package?

    When you register for the Individual or Group Package, we will send you a monthly update on how many bookings and the total value of all the bookings made. This can help you estimate the number of active visitors coming through your region.

  • How do you earn with the Growth Package?

    Regional visitors passively visit your websites in search of information to help them find wineries and hopefully opening times and phone numbers to try to call and book a tasting or experience. Our regional booking integrations instantly turn your website into a proactive booking solution where visitors can book 24/7. You can charge wineries for this service which can in an unbiased way help generate a new source of revenue. This revenue can go towards developing new marketing campaigns and event, which will further benefit all wineries.

    Earn $2 per person per booking for experiences up $20
    & 10% on bookings for experiences over $20

  • How does the payment process happen?

    All bookings made through the regional booking system are paid upfront, which reduces 'No Shows'. Guests are able to cancel any booking up to 48 hours before the reservation date freely. At the end every month all finalised reservations in that month are paid directly into the winery and regional Stripe accounts.

    $3 per person per booking for experiences up $20
    15% on bookings for experiences over $20

  • What data and analytics do you have access to with the Growth Package?

    You can log in to your dashboard to access all daily, monthly and yearly reports of all bookings and sales running through your system in realtime. We will also send you additional monthly reports for the number of bookings and total sales for your region as a whole. Soon we will add extra data such as nationality, state, etc.

  • Can we combine the individual and Growth package?

    Yes, you will be able to offer a combination of the Individual and Growth packages depending on the needs of each winery. We want this to be as open and affordable as possible. However, wineries on the Growth package will have a priority listing which will set them above the Individual package wineries in searches.

  • Can you integrate third-party booking systems?

    Yes, we can integrate third-party booking systems such as Rezdy. Rezdy wineries need to send us their 'Negotiated Rate', which allows us to access the widgets required to add to their booking page. There is no monthly cost for Rezdy users as we earn commissions from every booking made. We will then share this commission with you.

Please contact us to organise a demonstration.

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