A multi-regional approach to global wine tourism

VinTrail is the most comprehensive wine tourism platform specifically designed to unify wine regions, states and countries throughout the world. This all in one solution unites wineries and other regional tourism-related businesses to help them better connect with national and international visitors.

Covid 19 has massively impacted wineries and wine regions throughout the world. VinTrail helps both in a unified manner with solutions adapted to each.

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Regional benefits

We believe strong associations are instrumental in a regions development, so we're here to help you grow.

Enjoy free access to our regional business suite where you'll find the management tools you need.

Maximise your regional visibility and impact with a multi-channel approach.

Help increase winery visitations by offering regional bookings

Extra Revenue

Promote winery tastings and experiences within your regional website and social media. Make bookings easy and accessible to visitors, while generating a new revenue stream to help enhance the region.


Wineries generate 30% of their revenue through their cellar door, so by helping them to increase their visitor numbers, helps them increase their revenue, which justifies a small fee going to boost regional tourism for all.


VinTrail booking solutions make it extremely easy to insert regional listings of experiences and events to any page or added as a pop-up. The listings can be full page or just a small section in a larger page.


You’ll be able to track the bookings and revenue generated in real time from you independent CMS. Increase visitor data capture to help promote the region in future marketing campaigns and all upcoming events.

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Add the booking systems needed,
where they're needed

Regional bookings & events

Add a regional listing of all the availabilities and events your region has to offer. This can be done with a pop-up or it can be made visible by embedding a widget into a full or half page. Click the Regional Bookings button below to see what it looks like.

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Winery bookings & events

Add the winery booking systems directly to their information page either as a ‘Book Now’ pop-up or make the availability visible by embedding the widget where you want it. Click the Book Now button below to see what it looks like.

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Give your regional visitor the perfect digital experience to plan their regional wine vacation from the comfort of their home or on the go.

Select or create itineraries, get directions, make bookings, find events, buy wine, and take advantage of special offers in a unified approach.

  • Tourism

    VinTrail coherently unifies all regions to make it easy for visitors to find the information they're looking for to create their seamless adventures. All businesses are geolocated and connected to Google map directions. They are listed by category, making it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and can adapt their searches to be as broad as a state or country, or as specific as a region.

  • Assistant

    Visitors have a personal assistant where all their information is stored. Every booking, planned visit, event ticket, special offer purchase, and wine orders are all hosted there. It's fully mobile so making them easily accessible from anywhere. They are all saved by the upcoming date and time and feature all the necessary details needed, so they always know what's next, how to get there, and who to contact in case of a problem.

  • Itinerary Planner

    Visitors can easily create their favourite listing which is saved to their Personal Assistant from where they can sort them into the priority of 'Must do' and 'Hopefully.' All their favourites are added to a map which helps to plan their trip in the most efficient routes possible. From there, they can easily add businesses to itineraries, book unique experiences, events, or find a great offer.

  • Easy Redemption

    A 2-touch redemption system simplifies the redeeming process of every event ticket and special offer or voucher. There is no need for timely scanners or printed pdf vouchers that are all to often forgotten or lost. Give your visitor the best and most professional experience possible with a streamlined solution.

  • Wine profile

    Visitors can create their wine profile, which becomes readily available to businesses when a booking is made. By clicking on the visitor's name, they can discover their profile, which can help them tailor a more personalised experience. Businesses can rate the visitor and keep notes. All ratings are aggregated to give the user an average score.

Please contact us to organise a demonstration.

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