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A global hub connecting Wine Tourism & Sales

VinTrail Solutions is the only wine tourism platform with digital tools designed to extend the winery's reach and turn new visitors into long-term customers.

We unify online bookings, e-commerce, wine club, CRM and omnichannel solutions which are effective individually, but powerful together.

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What sets us apart?

VinTrail Solutions is a unique international initiative combining e-tourism and e-commerce to create a multi-layered experience that generates sustainable longterm revenue streams.

It's loaded with powerful software to automate and simplify processes without compromise.

Unified Wine Tourism + E-Commerce + Wine Club

Our Digital Tools

Online winery booking systems

Booking System

Take online bookings 24/7 for all tastings, winery experiences, tour guides, and cafes and restaurants.

Add your booking system to your website in minutes

Free online reservations diary

Create VIP privatised experiences

Connected calendar allow different experiences to book as one.

Increase visitor data capture.

Increase sales with add-ons & upgrades.

Direct Wine Sale Solutions

Wine E-Store

Sell your wines DTC via multiple channels to increase visibility & sales.

Easy to set up & maintain

Take payments through your private gateway

Rapid guest checkout

Connected to your bookings system

CRM helps reduce abandonned carts & sends reminders

Easily added to your website

wine club Management System

Wine Club Management

Create a wine club which connects to your DtC sales, experience, restaurant and events.

A plugin solution for any website.

Offer multiple different flexible memberships.

Automated quarterly or biannual subscriptions.

Easy to set up automated revenue stream.

Connect member benefits across digital tools.

The most cost effective market solution.

Agent Booking Solutions

Direct Agent Bookings

Give your personal agents (hotels, concierge, guides, etc.) the ability to make their own online bookings.

Grant access only to your agents

Agents can book without payment required

Save time by no longer needing to take agent booking.

Track where bookings come from.

Agent reports to simplify commission payments.

Additional Business E-Commerce Solutions

  • Special Offers

    Make special offer packages and getaway offers available in minutes — a practical and easy way to stimulate bookings and generate much-needed cash-flow through your payment gateway. Purchases are easy to track and can be manually redeemed through your CMS or directly through the visitors digital assistant in two clicks.

  • Event Management

    Create your event and start selling tickets in minutes. Our simple set-up process through to the purchase flow and ticket redemption make for a seamless user experience. Immediately visible within VinTrail and easily added to your website or social media. The rapid 2-tap redemption saves time and personnel, and your private payment gateway delivers immediate payments on all ticket purchases.

  • Winery Website

    Become perfectly mobile and take advantage of all the state-of-the-art digital features available within VinTrail to integrate into your website. Dynamically connected to your beautiful website, every update reflected automatically within VinTrail. No double handling, only double the visibility and sales.

    Our prices are adapted to wineries of all sizes and needs. Contact us to find out more.
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VinTrail solutions are effective individually, but powerful together.


Our CRM system can help your wine business by improving cellar door data capture, facilitating wine club memberships, and managing bookings and events.


Being accessible across all touch-points is essential as customers want access wherever and whenever, and expect a great experience no matter what device.


A multi-channel approach integrated across all touch-points delivers your visitors a seamless experience that will streamline and increase bookings and sales.


You remain independent and in control of your data and information. You can add or remove any business plug-ins you need when you need them.


Augmented data provides a personalised and automated marketing and advertising approach while promoting the individual customer experiences via all channels.


All our digital solutions are supported by analytics that can help you understand what is working, what's not, and why.

VinTrail Opens New Markets


Wine Experience Marketplace

Automatically connect to the global VinTrail Marketplace to extend your visibility and increase sales. Visitors benefit from a geolocation trip planning digital assistant to help find and book their perfect experiences in realtime.

Affiliates & Agents

The affiliate and agent program allows trusted third party partners to book experiences directly in realtime. You can choose what experiences you want to make available and when they are. Open your doors to potentially hundreds of new booking channels.


Wine Marketplace

Increase your wine sale through the VinTrail DtC Wine Marketplace. A specialised wine sales solution designed to help increase your revenue with direct payments and CRM cart abandonment and viewed wine reminders.

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Regional & Industry Partnerships

Key regional and industry partnerships will help amplify your visibility and increase visitors coming through your cellar door. Visitors will be able to book your experiences and events directly via their website in realtime.


VinTrail consolidates all wine regions into one seamless website, which allows tourists to plan and book every wine trip in real-time from the one site. Whether you're a winery, tourism guide, restaurant, or regional experience, we bring the focus on you.

Our visitors can select or create itineraries, get directions, make bookings, find events, buy wine, and take advantage of special offers in a unified approach.

  • Itinerary Planner

    Planning a wine holiday has never been easier. Visitors can easily save their 'Favourite' destinations to their digital PA alongside all their bookings, events, and special offer purchases. They can rate them as ‘Must Do’ or ‘Hopefully’ before adding them to a map for a precise visual setting before planning their trip. Distance finders and preloaded routes assist them navigate.

  • On The Go

    Create preloaded daily itineraries to take on the road for a stress-free road trip. The more adventurous can plan on the go, using geolocated searches and maps to find all the nearest cellar door availabilities, experiences, events, restaurants, and local businesses, or they can take advantage of the special offers on their journey.

  • Digital PA

    Visitors have a digital personal assistant where all their information is stored. Every booking, event ticket, special offer purchase, and wine order are all hosted there making them easily accessible anywhere. The digital PA helps throughout the itinerary planning process by saving favourites, creating maps, and offering suggestions, while also sending reminders with useful information.

  • Wine profile

    Visitors can create their wine profile. This profile is readily available to businesses by clicking on the visitor's name in bookings and events to help you tailor a more personalised experience. Businesses can rate the visitor and keep notes. All ratings are aggregated to give the user an average score.

  • Buy wine

    Members can buy their wines direct from the wineries either through winery webpage, app, widgets, or the open market place. All purchases are saved in their personal assistant for future reference and quick easy re-ordering.

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