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Maipo Valley winery experiences and wine tours

The Maipo Valley is one of the most traditional wine valleys in Chile which started to develop its viticulture in the 19th century with the arrival of the french varieties. Located at the heart of the Metropolitan Region, some wineries from  the Maipo Valley are  only a few kilometers away from Santiago, which makes it easily accessible, even by public transport, metro or bus.

At the area nearby the foothills of the Andes Mountains, you will find wineries such as Santa Carolina, Cousiño Macul, Aquitania, Concha y Toro, El Principal, Haras de Pirque, Lafken, Aylen, William Fevre, Santa Rita, Perez Cruz, La Montaña, Vinos Lof and Silo

At the center of the valley or middle Maipo, you can visit wineries such as, De Martino, Tarapacá, Undurraga, Santa Ema, Terramater and near the coast there is an area called Maipo Costa where you can enjoy visiting Ventisquero, La Viña del Señor, Viñateros de Raíz, Araucaria, Odfjell an Laurent.  

In relation to places where you can stay you can look at a few hotels such as Las Majadas de Pirque, Santa Rita, Origen, Calma de Rita, most of them located in a village called Pirque. The gastronomy is very diverse and heterogeneous, with a range of places to eat, as Doña Paula Restaurante at Santa Rita Winery, La Vaquita Echa, a traditional criollan restaurant of chilean food, the wine food and bar of Concha y Toro, the restaurant of Haras de Pirque or the “ Mercadito”, a unique place where you can find all kind of organic products.

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