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It's time to host your virtual wine fair?

As the global pandemic continues to affect the freedom of movement, your ability to host a wine fair with a worldwide impact needs to go virtual.

VinTrail brings the most effective solutions to hosting your first online regional wine fair with actual tastings.

6 easy steps to your fair


Register in minutes, then we'll contact you to help get you set up & prepare you to host your Virtual Wine Fair.


Invite your wineries to join your fair. They'll need to signup, then set up their winery, wines & samples pages.


We'll then help you integrate all the different digital solutions into your website with easy to plugin codes.

Go Live

You are ready to announce your Wine Fair dates to the world & start taking business pre-registrations.


Wineries need to send us the wines they want to get resized into sample packs & include wine info & label images.


Once the wines have been resized & packed into sample boxes, we globally ship directly to businesses & consumers.

How does it work?

When the fair opens, wineries just need to log in and connect their chat room to open their stand for business.


Professionals can rapidly search for wines & wineries using advanced filters. Wineries can set restrictions to only receive genuine leads.


Registered businesses can see which wineries are online, then connect & chat using a group Zoom link or book a future private meeting.


Businesses can request a sample pack be sent, which wineries can confirm or reject. A new meeting can be organised for the tasting.

Public Wine Fair

Why not offer a separate public wine fair where wineries can connect with the general public? The public will be able to purchase sample packs, buy wine direct or join a Wine Club.

Get Started

Send 2cl samples to visitors worldwide rather than having them come to you.

Integrated solutions

Digital systems easily added to your existing website.

Winery listing

Advanced filters to help connect wineries & businesses that correspond with their requirements.

Winery webpage

A chance for wineries to share their story, ethics, wine styles, company details & photos.

Wine info pages

Showcase all the wines in full detail so buyers can rapidly find the information they need.

Business registration

An independent registration process allows you to capture & manage business access to the fair.

Business console

Registered businesses have a dashboard where all their requests, bookings & purchases are saved.

Wine sales

Sell your regional wines online direct from the winery with separate business & consumer prices.


Resize wines into 2cl tasting samples to reduce shipping costs & the associated environmental impact.


Wineries can take online bookings to host private meetings & virtual wine tastings.

Private console

regional console

All the tools you need to manage your Wine Fair.

  • Independent CMS
  • Dedicated support team
  • Business registration & activated access
  • Regional sales & sample packs
  • Sales, Bookings, & Commission reports

Your wine fair can easily become a monthly event.



Reduce your environmental impact while significantly expanding your reach by hosting your next Wine Fair online.

It pays to resize - maximise your impact, minimise your expense!

Send up to 20 samples for the equivalent price of sending one bottle.

Reach 36 potential buyers with every bottle.

Samples can be sent by mail and delivered to a mailbox.

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