210 Cairnmuir Road Bannockburn South Island 9384 New Zealand

Akarua has never been in such a strong position as it is today under second generation family leadership of David Skeggs, at the helm of the business, with award winning winemaker Andrew Keenleyside heading the winemaking team. The complete Akarua portfolio now consists of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Rosé, Riesling and Sparkling Wine. Akarua released their Sparkling Wine range in 2011 under the supervision of renowned sparkling wine specialist ‘Tony Jordan’. Since their release, the Akarua Sparkling Wine range has been awarded numerous trophies and awards in both New Zealand and abroad.

To celebrate the next generation of the family management of Akarua, a complete overhaul of the Labeling and packaging of Akarua wines has been instigated by David Skeggs. Sir Clifford, David's father, was adamant that any re-branding work still retain the emblematic Alpine Mountain Daisy, Celmisia Semicordata as a symbol that fragile beauty is still achievable in harsh climates such as those in Central Otago.

Historically the local New Zealand market has consumed the major portion of Akarua's production but increasing demand from overseas markets has seen healthy growth. This is complemented by Akarua's on-site Cellar Door, which is now even busier with the growing wine tourism trade that has arisen from the region's international recognition.

One of Pinot Noir's more telling features is its transparent nature: any fault or failing in the site, climate, farming or winemaking will be painfully obvious in the final wine and no amount of talent or science can make up for what is already lost. Often it is referred to as a "Winemaker's wine" which reflects the complexity in not only growing and making fine Pinot Noir, but the almost cult-like revere and respect the variety garners from its own instigators. The next decade will see the vines of Akarua reach twenty plus years of age, comparative to increased levels of understanding of the site (or terroir) and of course under the helm of strong family leadership.

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