6520 Arthur Highway Port Arthur Tasmania 7182 Australia

Ready for big picture scenery? Fly over some of the planet's highest sea cliffs with Osborne Heli Tours - Tasmania's most epic window seat. From Osborne’s Port Arthur base, in seconds a theatrical landscape grows large. Sheer sea cliffs unfurl, Port Arthur Historic Site takes a new perspective in its lush, wild setting and broad waters reach to Antarctica. 


Whether a 15 minute Sea Cliffs and Convicts sojourn or a longer journey circling Tasman Island’s far-flung lighthouse, see nature in her most dramatic mood. Ponder above the pounding surf of Shipstern Bluff, swell that calls surfers from across the globe. Narrow your gaze to spot a migrating Southern Right Whale or little dots walking the Three Capes Track down below. Hear as the pilot points out Cape Raoul’s dolerite columns, once used as target practice by the British Navy.

The Osborne family have been flying folk around the island for more than a quarter century, starting out in agricultural spraying from a small shed in Tasmania’s northwest. At the time, it was just founder Tom Osborne, a $20,000 loan and his single helicopter. Expanding into the likes of forestry operations, firefighting and production filming, they became pioneers in the Australian agricultural sector - using trucks with built-in helicopter landing decks. Osborne Aviation has since bought and sold aircraft throughout the world, and launched their tourism brand, Osborne Heli Tours, in 2016.

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