3894 Harmony Way Harcourt Victoria 3453 Australia

The story of Bress began with Adam Marks and his love for chickens. While making wine in Burgundy and Beaujolais in 1996, Adam heard that the finest eating chickens in the world hailed from a nearby town called Bourg en Bresse. Not one to make haste, Adam immediately visited a producer and witnessed first-hand their traditional method of breeding chickens. As a result of this discovery, Bress is dedicated to the famous chickens of France and what they represent – artisan production using traditional, age-old methods.

In 2004, Adam and Lynne Jensen came across a rundown vineyard and orchard with untapped potential in Harcourt, Central Victoria – a region where Adam started his winemaking career and where Lynne’s ancestors settled. Inspired by the mixed farming enterprises of France and Italy that they had visited on their travels, they had a vision of creating a place to welcome visitors to experience ‘The Bress Life’

They proceeded to transform the property into a home for Bress, a sustainable farm and a place for visitors to share a meal, learn something new and most of all relax and have fun.


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Jill Sample

February 2019

This was an awesome experience and highly recommend to everyone.